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The Juice Odyssey: Part III

Crussh – Eastcastle Street

A recent discovery of mine, and I have to admit, from the outside the place didn’t look so promising. However, my mind was changed as soon as I tasted the strawberry juice/smoothie. It was called something super cliché like ‘strawberry cool’ or something, but don’t let that put you off!! Yes, they could be more inventive with their juice-naming, but let’s not hold something so small against them. The juice/smoothie was so good I even considered getting another as soon as I’d finished my first (I can be greedy like that). However, there was just something about it which didn’t quite make it my perfect juice (it was a smoothie hahaha). The search continues…



The Juice Odyssey: Part II

Wholefoods – High St Kensington

They vary so much from store to store so it’s harder to judge fairly, but I greatly enjoyed my ‘summer fruits’ juice/smoothie thing which was made fresh outside the Wholefoods in Kensington. I’m not sure how much choice there is, but if you like berries, this one is great. It’s icy, too (always a bonus – not like there’s ever cold weather in London). The great thing about Wholefoods is that it sells a ton of delicious-looking HEALTHY food. I know, I know, lots of healthy food looks unappetizing (quinoa – eww) but seriously, Wholefoods manages to make their salads look as appealing as a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. So yeah my point is, you can buy a juice AND some healthy food ( but it gets kinda expensive so normally I just walk around fantasizing about what I’d buy if I had an unlimited budget, which is fun too).

The Juice Odyssey: Part I

I am on a quest to find the perfect juice in London. Now that the weather has finally improved, it’s nice to be able to pick up a freshly made juice from a street stall or juice bar. However, it’s harder than it seems to find a gooood juice. There are always problems – for me, it’s too much choice. There are so many combos, so many flavours, I just don’t know which one to pick… Also, now it seems you can get all sorts of fancy add-ons like ginger shavings and wheatgrass shots (I have NO clue what those are). Anyway, we’ve been trying out a few places around London to see what’s on offer. Here’s Part I.

The Natural Kitchen – Marylebone

Sooooo I went today to get a juice from the Natural Kitchen. First of all, you pick a base (the choice is apple, carrot or orange). Then, you pick three other ingredients – fruits or vegetables – to complete your juice. The problem here is, I’m no juice expert. I just basically picked the fruits I liked in the hope that it would all turn out well. It didn’t. The mango and watermelon tasted a bit funky together and you couldn’t taste the ginger at all. I have to say, at  £3.95 for a potentially disgusting concoction, it’s really not worth it. The search continues….


Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice is the best smoothie & juice bar in the world. Everything’s made with fresh fruit and you have to be good-looking to be a juicer.
Not complaining.
The only downside is that they’re expensive- £3.85 for a small and £4.95 for a large but it’s totally worth it: my favourites are the “energy shake” and “Joe’s sweet kiss”.
Originally Danish, jatj has been in London for a few years and stores seem to be popping up all over: near Oxford St, in Soho and on the Kings Road. And here’s the good news- there are more arriving all over Europe! Hamburg, Germany recently got one, and others are rumoured to be opening up….

Joe and the juice