The Juice Odyssey: Part II

Wholefoods – High St Kensington

They vary so much from store to store so it’s harder to judge fairly, but I greatly enjoyed my ‘summer fruits’ juice/smoothie thing which was made fresh outside the Wholefoods in Kensington. I’m not sure how much choice there is, but if you like berries, this one is great. It’s icy, too (always a bonus – not like there’s ever cold weather in London). The great thing about Wholefoods is that it sells a ton of delicious-looking HEALTHY food. I know, I know, lots of healthy food looks unappetizing (quinoa – eww) but seriously, Wholefoods manages to make their salads look as appealing as a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. So yeah my point is, you can buy a juice AND some healthy food ( but it gets kinda expensive so normally I just walk around fantasizing about what I’d buy if I had an unlimited budget, which is fun too).



  1. duncan

    One good thing about Wholefoods is they often have lots of free samples of various things around the store. So you can walk all around and get quite a free feed!

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