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The Juice Odyssey: Part I

I am on a quest to find the perfect juice in London. Now that the weather has finally improved, it’s nice to be able to pick up a freshly made juice from a street stall or juice bar. However, it’s harder than it seems to find a gooood juice. There are always problems – for me, it’s too much choice. There are so many combos, so many flavours, I just don’t know which one to pick… Also, now it seems you can get all sorts of fancy add-ons like ginger shavings and wheatgrass shots (I have NO clue what those are). Anyway, we’ve been trying out a few places around London to see what’s on offer. Here’s Part I.

The Natural Kitchen – Marylebone

Sooooo I went today to get a juice from the Natural Kitchen. First of all, you pick a base (the choice is apple, carrot or orange). Then, you pick three other ingredients – fruits or vegetables – to complete your juice. The problem here is, I’m no juice expert. I just basically picked the fruits I liked in the hope that it would all turn out well. It didn’t. The mango and watermelon tasted a bit funky together and you couldn’t taste the ginger at all. I have to say, at  £3.95 for a potentially disgusting concoction, it’s really not worth it. The search continues….