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Local Secret #3 – ‘Free’ Breakfast at Borough Market – London

Borough market, by the river in London, is a firm favorite with foodies and sells really good quality produce ranging from Spanish jamon to cheeses, wine, homemade cakes and desserts. Sadly, it’s also really expensive. But don’t worry: here’s the great part (that the tourists don’t know about (yet…)). Every stall offers tasters! Not just tiny ones either – the brownie tasters are about half the size of a full one anyway… And if you’re sneaky, it’s easy to eat a complete filling breakfast just from snacking on tasters (obviously totally free!!). Walk through first so you can plan a good route – taking in the ham, fresh warm bread, fruit and juice…
Failing that, there’s also a great Spanish place, Brindisa, that does breakfast, but 1. That’s not free, and 2. It’s way more fun to do it the local way!


( both photos via flickr.com)


San Miguel Market – Madrid

My favourite thing about Madrid is the San Miguel Market, next to Plaza Mayor, in the oldest part of the city. The origins of the market date to the XIX century. Basically as soon as you get in, you’re hit by this amazing crazy atmosphere, mostly from the buzzing tourists taking photos and haggling prices. The food is quite wonderful/weird; there’s everything you could possibly hope for, ranging from small baguette-like slices of bruschetta, crazy scary fish, then traditional Spanish foods like serrano ham, gambas, pastries and mini burgers. The whole place is rather amazing, and very Spanish.



In the hot weather it’s really refreshing and relaxing to sit on one of the benches by a food counter with an ice cool drink just watching Spanish life and different people. It was originally the most prestigious food market in Madrid, but now with the ever increasing number of supermarkets in the area, it has become  more of a tourist attraction, however it is still used for lunch time snacks and as a fresh butcher and fish mongers.



– Lara