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Recipe: Greek Tzatziki

On a recent trip to Crete, I went to a cooking lesson (!!) where I learnt how to make tzatziki, a popular local dip which is usually eaten with crudités. It’s widely available in other countries – in England, you can buy it at any supermarket – but it’s always nicer to make it fresh. The best thing about the lesson was that the chef was called ‘Ares’ (after the god of War)… Best. Name. Ever. Anyway, I am by no means a Michelin star-deserving chef, but even I am capable of making this, which demonstrates how simple it is.

1. Grate one medium cucumber

2. Strain the grated cucumber (very important, otherwise the dip is too watery)

3. Stir the cucumber into 1kg of full-fat Greek yogurt

4. Soak some crushed garlic in a small bowl full of olive oil, and then add this to the mix

5. Add salt and pepper to taste

6. Add vinegar

7. Leave in the refrigerator for 2 and a half hours

8. Serve with chopped up celery, pepper and cucumber

Recipe – Eton Mess

As summer draws to a close, here’s a recipe to make while we enjoy the last of the warm weather. Eton mess is a dessert commonly served in the British summertime. It basically consists of meringue, strawberries and cream and is named after the famous public school, Eton College, because it was first served there in the tuck shop.
It’s one of the most simple recipes in the world, and here’s how to make it. This recipe uses ready made meringues to save time but if you can make them from scratch that’s even better (why would you though?)

You’ll need: 1 large punnett of strawberries, chopped
400ml double cream
6 crushed meringue nests
1 table spoon of sugar

Whip up the cream with the sugar until it turns into stiff peaks. Then just put the strawberries, cream and crushed meringue into a large bowl and stir. Serve in bowls, wine glasses or pots. You can also garnish the top with a whole strawberry to make it look more professional/ like you’ve spent hours making it… To put your own twist on this desert you can also add grated chocolate, mint, vanilla sugar, chopped nuts or almonds. Another option is to change the fruit. Instead of strawberries, why not try raspberries, peaches or even pineapple?