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Word of the Week #6 – Güle güle kullan – Turkish

I can’t think of any phrase in the English language equivalent to ‘güle güle kullan’.

Your friend might say it to you if you bought yourself a new shirt and it literally translates as, ‘use it smilingly’.
It’s pronounced, goo-LAY goo-LAY koo-LAN. By itself, ‘güle güle’ means ‘good bye’. Exacting as the Turkish language is, you have to be the person staying behind to say, ‘güle güle!’

Word of the Week #4 – dia ghuit – Gaelic

Just under half the population of Ireland speak Irish Gaelic to an extent – it’s a compulsory subject in schools. However, only a very small percentage of people there speak Gaelic fluently as a first language (it’s estimated to be 3% of the population).
Pronounced dee-a gwit, this Irish greeting means literally ‘God be with you’. When someone says it to you, the reply is, interestingly, ‘Mary be with you’.

– Aine

Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice is the best smoothie & juice bar in the world. Everything’s made with fresh fruit and you have to be good-looking to be a juicer.
Not complaining.
The only downside is that they’re expensive- £3.85 for a small and £4.95 for a large but it’s totally worth it: my favourites are the “energy shake” and “Joe’s sweet kiss”.
Originally Danish, jatj has been in London for a few years and stores seem to be popping up all over: near Oxford St, in Soho and on the Kings Road. And here’s the good news- there are more arriving all over Europe! Hamburg, Germany recently got one, and others are rumoured to be opening up….

Joe and the juice