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Finnair and Marimekko

I have always kind of liked the marimekko flower prints. Although I don’t tend to love flowery things, something about wandering into the marimekko store in St Christopher’s Place in London feels like diving into the perfect Finnish home, with matching bed sheets, curtains and tablecloths. Whilst I used to have some marimekko blinds in my room (which clashed horrendously with the wallpaper) it has been a while since I’ve seen the prints around. And on one of the most unlikely places: an aeroplane. Yup, Finnair has teamed up with the design company (which is of course also Finnish, so it all makes sense I guess). As of this spring, some Finnair airplanes will be stocked with the company’s tableware, which is sure to make boring flights that little bit more colourful. How nice.



Scandinavian children’s books: worldwide favourites

Scandinavia is famous for many things: Fjords, Eco-friendly furniture and the natural beauty of the landscapes. But something else that might not immediately spring to mind is children’s books. Scandinavian authors such as Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson have written hugely successful children’s books which have become favourites all around the world. The tales of Pippi Longstocking, a young girl who lives alone and has all sorts of adventures, were made up by Lindgren to entertain her sick daughter. They have since been translated into over seventy languages and have also been made into countless films and televisions series. Other Scandinavian bestsellers include the Moomintroll series and the 6 Bullerby children stories.