Cheap/ Free thing to do in London #2: Hampstead Ponds

So yes, summer is almost over, and I’m wondering why I haven’t done my holiday school work yet. If you’re in the same position, why not procrastinate some more and visit Hampstead Bathing Ponds to make the most of the nice-ish weather while it lasts… Until a couple of weeks ago, I had never been – although this was out of laziness rather than a fear of pond weed. However, even if you do fear pond weed, there isn’t actually that much (surprisingly, because after all, it is a pond). Having visited the Serpentine in Hyde Park, I will definitely recommend Hampstead Ponds – the experience is on the whole more “natural”. My problem with the Serpentine is that it’s kinda shallow, so you really have to walk in with your feet touching the gross floor. In Hampstead, it’s really deep so you jump off the platform. It’s also really cheap – for students, it costs £1 to get in, and there’s a shower for when you’re done…



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