An Introduction to Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe – the largest of the threes Baltic States. Our flag has three colors which represent different things: yellow – sun, green – greenery and red – blood.
Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. The five largest Lithuanian cities are: Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Panevėžys and Klaipėda. This country is famous for the amber which is found in the Baltic Sea. Lithuania is called The Country of Basketball because we have many good players and no other country can boast of so many fans.
In Lithuania there are many places where you can have a good time or just do something fun. For example, this could be The Dolphinarium in Klaipėda and water recreational parks in Vilnius or Druskininkai. Maybe you like museums? In Lithuania there are a lot. Some of the largest are the Castle of Trakai, The Amber Museum in Palanga and very beautiful Museum of Horses in Anykščiai.
And about food. Zeppelins are probably the most popular dish in Lithuania, because it’s our traditional food. They are big, round shaped dumplings made from potatoes with stuffed meat inside them. Black rye bread is probably the oldest Lithuanian traditional food. Lithuanian dark rye bread is fresh, delicious, fragrant and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as an appetizer. However, it isn’t as popular in these days as it was before. Another popular food is Cold Borscht – aka Beetroot Soup. Beetroot soup is a popular summer soup because it‘s cold. It‘s made from boiled eggs, cooked shredded beets, cucumber, dill and green onions. All the ingredients are put into a large pot and cold soured milk or kefir is added. This soup is served with boiled or fried potatoes on the side.
Kvas is a fermented drink made from black rye bread. It is considered a soft drink but contains some alcohol (0.05-1.5%) due to natural fermentation process. Kvas has a unique flavor, contains a lot of vitamin B and is a great drink for a hot day.
I hope that you liked the sound of my country and in the future will come here!

Manta, Lithuania


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