The British Library – London

Perhaps one of the most underrated public space in London, the British Library is where many freelancers and students spend their days huddled over their laptops. The Library also holds copy of everything ever published in the UK and Ireland, and the Reading Rooms are used by researchers the whole time. They have a massive collection of documents, from manuscripts, maps and newspapers to prints, drawings and music scores – and 3 million new items are added every year… Apart from these Reading Rooms (which are only open to over-18s who are members), the main bit of the library is where you can sit and revise (and access the free WiFi). Probably the only bad thing about the whole place is the café – it’s really good food, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE. So yeah, bring your own food.




  1. steviepreater

    Agreed, it is a really great place, and their free collection of ancient books etc is wonderful. Did you go see the Magna Carta room? Very interesting.

  2. Opalla

    How nice to see the British Library again! I was once a student who spend my days there. 🙂 You have a very interesting blog.

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