The King’s Speech – An English Movie

Although Britain isn’t exactly famous for its films, the King’s Speech is one of the best made in recent years. It tells the true  story of King George VI, and his journey to the throne after his brother abdicated. Before he was king, ‘Bertie’ (as he was know to his family) was a quiet family man with a stammer and no confidence. He even struggled doing the few formal speeches required before he wasKking. After his brother fell in love with an American divorcee – Wallace Simpson – he gives up his right to the throne, choosing his off-limits wife over being king. This means the job is handed over to Bertie,  who is devastated. But with the help of a quirky Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue, the King gains the skills and confidence he needs to guide his country. With an outstanding cast including Colin Firth (who I am slightly in love with) and Helena Bonham-Carter, this is an amazing movie and I would definitely recommend it. Apart from anything, you get to learn a little of English royal history….





  1. Dominic Stevenson

    I like your post but I must protest, Britain has a fantastic film history! We brought the world the Harry Potter films!

    In all seriousness though, I promise that you’ll find some amazing British films if you look hard enough!

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