Les Intouchables – A French Movie

Although it came out a year and a half ago in France, this movie only hit our screens last September, and had mixed reviews (from real critics). To be honest, we have to disagree with what most of the critics said… It was suuuuch a great movie, and absolutely hilarious in parts. The acting is really, really good and it’s not as clichéd as it could have been… We’d definitely recommend it (although half the newspaper reviewers wouldn’t).

This is what Philip French of the Observer has to say about it:

“Based on a true story” but more than a little tweaked, this popular movie is to be France’s entry for the best foreign language film Oscar. It’s a polished account of the odd-couple friendship between Philippe (François Cluzet), a rich, handsome, cultivated quadriplegic, and his new carer, Driss (Omar Sy), an intelligent, charismatic, uneducated young working-class west African who has done time for robbery. What draws them together is their total honesty, sense of humour and contempt for stuffy bourgeois hypocrisy, and the general gaucheness of nearly everyone around them. It’s as slick as an oil spill, as sugary as an eclair, and many moviegoers will find it irresistible.”



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