Átame – A Spanish Movie

I have to say, I didn’t really enjoy Átame. Although you expect something slightly weird/ messed up when you sit down to an Almodóvar movie, this just wasn’t fun to watch. It’s about a guy (who happens to be a young Antonio Banderas) who escapes from a mental asylum with the aim of making an ex-porn star woman his wife. In order to do this, he holds her hostage in her own home. Yep. So far, not so good. To make matters worse, she starts to fall in love with him in what seems to be a very short period of time. She seems to have something like Stockholm Syndrome, but even so the end of the movie is unsatisfying and kinda sad. At the time of release in Spain in 1990, the movie received generally positive reviews from Spanish critics and (according to Wikipedia) reached an audience of one million in the country. However, Átame didn’t enjoy the same kind of success in other countries… Apparently, German’s just didn’t get it, and a certain English reviewer thought it was “essentially humourless”. In America, issues were raised over the movie’s rating in cinemas, and various feminist groups complained about the portrayal of sadomasochist undertones regarding the victimization of women. Although usually I loooove Almodóvar’s movies (check out this post), this film I just wouldn’t recommend.




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