IVAM – Valencia

If you’re looking for somewhere cool, cheap and fun to visit to in Valencia, the IVAM is the place to go. IVAM (pronounced like ee-bam) stands for the ‘instituto valenciano de arte moderno’ and for students, entry is only €1. It was the first museum in Spain devoted exclusively to modern art, and is now the main attraction for art-lovers who visit the city. The building itself, along with the actual art inside, is super cool: it has a glass staircase which is kind of funky to walk up… When I went to IVAM there were various exhibitions open, but the two best were called “ARTE Y ESPIRITUALIDAD” (Art and Spirituality) and “After all, tomorrow is another day”. Jorge Pineda was the man behind After all, tomorrow is another day, which is weirdly varied and seemingly random. There’s a big box on the floor filled with the circular bits of paper you get when you holepunch and page, a cardboard forest, and a golden skeleton lying in a room with blackboard walls scribbled on by visitors in chalk. Probably the weirdest/ freakiest is a set of kids (made out of wood or something maybe?) with their heads against the wall…



(photos from www.turisvalencia.es and tumblr.com )



  1. chr1

    Went here many years ago while in Valencia during the semana santa. Recommended. Valencia has some nice beaches, too.

      • chr1

        Yes, we did. They were engaging as always. The Easter night procession too. Drums and ‘cofradias’ with hooded masks.

        Back in Salamanca, I had a friend in one of them. It goes way back in the family

      • chr1

        Recommended. I always joked with my Spanish friends when they told me they were totally modern, secular, and forward thinking.

        Then I’d walk around and see Catholic iconography everywhere, Moorish architecture and design, old ladies filing out of church etc.

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