Today I learnt something really cool: Lampposts in London

You know when you occasionally find out facts that totally blow your mind? This, for me, is one of them.

Here’s what happened: I was walking through Marylebone, in the London borough of Westminster, with my friend (who’s into fashiony things) and she pointed out a nearby lamppost to me. She told me that on all the lampposts in the area, you could see the famous crossed letter ‘c’, the logo of Chanel…… Although I see a LOT of lampposts every day, somehow I had never found myself examining their inscriptions.  Here’s the story behind the maybe-urban-myth:


 “Legend has it that the second Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur    Grosvenor, was so love-struck by Mademoiselle ‘Coco’ Chanel back in the late  Twenties after they met at a party in Monte Carlo in 1925, that he ordered all the lampposts in Westminster to be adorned with her initials.”    



  1. grammietravels

    Thanks for stopping by my post. And, what a cool bit of info on lamp posts! I was just in Lindon and took photos of some them seeing how unique they are.

  2. Jaclyn

    Amazing. I lived in London for a year and have been there a hundred times, never knew or noticed. Will definitely look the next time I go.

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