remember, remember… Bonfire Night in London

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a celebration which takes places on November 5 every year. It all started in 1605, with the Gunpowder Plot: a scheme where a group of Catholics tried to assassinate King James I of England. Everything was (apparently) going according to plan, with explosives placed under the House of Lords ready to blow up the king. However, one of the members of the group, Guy Fawkes, was arrested whilst guarding the explosives. When the general public heard about the botched attempt, they lit bonfires around London in celebration. Soon after, an Act was passed enforcing November 5 as a public day, thanksgiving for the fact that Guy Fawkes was caught, and the King was saved.

Nowadays in London and around England, people still light bonfires to commemorate the day. Especially out in the countryside, massive bonfires are lit and little children make felt figures on Guy Fawkes to throw into the fire… The biggest events around the country are the firework displays: all cities hold them, some on the day itself (tomorrow) and some on the weekend before or after. You can go to to find out where the best display in London is near you – most parks have massive displays attended by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a really fun, unique tradition to be part of if you happen to be in London in early November – especially as Halloween isn’t really a big deal here, Bonfire Night kinda makes up for it.




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