3 of the best… Almodóvar movies

Almodóvar is a crazy and brilliant director, and we would literally list all of his movies on our Favourite Almodóvar Movies list… which kinda defeats the object. So we’ve narrowed it down to three, which we love for totally different reasons (but really, they’re all our favourites).

1. Mala Educación – Bad Education

In true Almodóvar style, Mala Educación features transsexuals, murder and heavy drug use. Released in 2004, it’s much darker than others of Almodóvar’s movies, and the main theme is the sexual abuse of young boys by the priests at their Catholic boarding school. The director says he worked on the script for 10 years – I don’t blame him (I got super confused at some points, but then I’d expect nothing less of an Almodóvar movie). Bad Education was a massive success – it opened the Cannes film festival in 2004.

2. Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios – Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Another  Almodóvar that I absolutely love is Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. It’s much lighter than Bad Education, and is very funny in parts. It’s totally original, unlike most recent comedies. Starring a young Antonio Banderas as well as various actors from Almodóvar’s other movies, W.O.T.E.O.A.N.B was released in 1988 but remains a firm favourite with people all over the world today. The movie often employs slapstick humor, so it appeals to people of all ages. It’s fast moving with funny dialogue, so you don’t find yourself bored half way through… Even though it’s totally unrealistic and messes with your mind, it’s still definitely worth watching.

3. Todo Sobre Mi Madre – All About My Mother

Maybe the director’s biggest hit, All About My Mother is deep at the same time as being funny. It’s about a woman named Manuela who works as a nurse in a hospital, convincing people to give up their dead relatives’ organs for donation. A single mother, she takes her son to the theatre to see A Streetcar Named Desire for his 17th birthday. Afterwards, they wait outside and he tries to get the main actress’s autograph. It’s raining heavily and running after the actresses’s taxi, he gets hit by a passing car. Totally devastated by her son’s death, Manuela goes to Barcelona to track down her son’s father, the transvestite Lola. She meets an old friend: the transsexual Agrado, and makes a new one: pregnant nun Rosa. A massive success with critics and the worldwide public alike, the movie is dedicated ‘to every actress who has ever played an actress’ and is 100% a must-see movie.



  1. DLA

    I would start by inverting the order. And I would substitute Mala Educacion for Habla con Ella. Also Tacones Lejanos and Volver are great. Check out the ones he directed in the 70’s that are really hardcore.

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