Paris Nuit Blanche – a report

On Saturday night (and until very early Sunday morning) was the Nuit Blanche. The program was quite exciting at first: DJs on boats on the Seine, cranes transformed into Calder mobiles, art installations and music all over the place! But unfortunately… it rained.

Many of the exterior events were closed or ended earlier, and some places usually packed with people were empty. It was a bit disappointing compared to the previous years, but some attractions were as good as always. On Place Sainte-Catherine, there were, as usual, very artsy short films being played on large screen in the middle of the square with a carpet for people to sit on. At the Blanc-Manteaux Center, there were some kind of weird, psychedelic, fluorescent lights with creepy music.. also as usual.

But the place where the ambiance was really exciting was Beaubourg. A band played techno-dance-but not very good music on the 2nd floor and the whole crowd danced, or should I say “danced” to the “music”. After a while of feeling our stomach vibrating to the pound of the bass, we got bored and went to the quays, which was the worst idea ever. The only thing fun we saw while walking next to the water was a boat with flamethrowers on top (it was pretty cool, but it seemed as though the boat didn’t really know where it was going..).

The previous years, there had always been dancers at the “arcades”, but this year there were only a dozen people standing in a line a few meters apart that were doing some moves that were apparently supposed to be “contemporary dance”. From where I stood, it looked more like a bunch of people stretching after their evening jogging than professional dancers dancing in a synchronized and artistic way. Sorry for all the bad feedback, but the rain was certainly the main cause for all those disappointments. Maybe people weren’t as motivated as they were before? I don’t know, but I’m sure next year will be a lot of fun.

– Flore, Paris



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