The Dutch Parliamentary Elections…

Today, the voters of Holland will be electing their next Prime Minister and government. The result is likely to be very close, between the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Diedrik Samson. Rutte is head of the VVD Liberal party      – like the Conservative party in England – and Samson is head of the Labour party. The  main point is that both parties support the official Dutch stance towards the Eurozone crisis, which is similar to the German position. They say that they want to keep the Euro currency but they also expect Southern European countries to cut their spending.

On the other hand, the 2 more extreme parties in Holland, including one which even wants to leave the Euro currency and bring back the Dutch Guilder, appear to be losing support. The results will be out tomorrow…

The voting age is 18, so hopefully there’ll be teenagers voicing their views too!


(left: Mark Rutte, right: Diedrik Samson)


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