What’s On in… Paris – Nuit Blanche

On the night of Saturday October 6, the streets of Paris will be full of people taking part in the annual Nuit Blanche. It’s an art and culture event that takes place between 7 at night and 7 in the morning, and it has been going on for 10 years. Loads of places take part, from major buildings to art galleries and even swimming pools, and best of all, entry to everything is free! This is such a fun and unusual event to attend – so make sure you make the most of it by following a few insider tips:

1. This takes place in October and lasts all night, so dress warmly and bring an umbrella (you wouldn’t want to have to go home early with frostbite/pneumonia)

2. Plan your route on a tourist map so that you don’t waste time wandering around aimlessly

3. Decide on a few key things you want to see, and leave time in between these to wander and see what you can find on the spur of the moment

4. Remember that the metro runs for most of the night during the Nuit Blanche, so you don’t have to necessarily limit yourself to one area

It’s all about the art, really, so make sure you know which artistic designers’ installations are where so you don’t miss anything!



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