European breakfasts: explained

Breakfast is, as we all know, the most important meal of the day, so it’s no wonder that it’s taken very seriously in countries across Europe. The northern Europeans such as the Germans and scandis love their salami and ham on massive rolls (no stereotyping here), while the French like their own delicacy – the croissant.


Spaniards like to go crazy with the garlic on their pan con tomate – toasted bread rubbed in garlic with tomato paste and olive oil. Especially in southern Spain the Moroccan influence is obvious – after all, north Africa is just across the med. Arabic-style breakfast favorites include raisin bread and honey glazed pastries.


And although they’re not restricted to breakfast time, many spaniards like some churros con chocolate on the side: rectangular donut things dipped in melted chocolate.*


And of course, who doesn’t love a greasy, calorific English fry-up? The eggs, bacon, sausage and baked beans aren’t complete without some lovely black pudding (congealed pigs blood for those of you who don’t know – mmm)…

* it’s surprising Spain has a low obesity rate compared with the rest of Europe, to be honest

                 ** it’s not surprising Britain has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe



  1. Food Stories

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  2. Paula

    What no cereal!!?? 😀 It is surprising that Spain has a low obesity rate indeed :). Here in Croatia we eat, cereals, yoghurt, salami, ham, cheese, and even croissants 😀

  3. morrill8787

    Thank you for liking my blog! I can see we have quite a few things in common. I especially like this blog on European breakfasts. I need to search your site for more stories like it. Will you write more about Europeans foods, diets, meals, and physical activities? I especially want to know how so many Europeans stay so thin eating fried, fatty foods, lots of bread, butter, and cream, and meats like pork–and eating so late at night.

  4. emilylloyd

    Amazing how countries so near each other can be so staunchly different in breakfast rituals. I enjoyed the read and the comparison.

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