local secret #2 – ‘one new change’ roof terrace – London

In the middle of London’s financial district, right next to the river Thames, lies an unlikely haven of peace and quiet. Situated on top of a shopping centre frequented by bankers and tourists alike, the New Change roof terrace is surprisingly silent. It’s high up enough that you can’t hear the traffic (apart from the occasional siren) but not high enough that you can see the river. This means the view is particularly interesting – you can see all the usual landmarks like Westminster Abbey, the Shard, the Gherkin and Battersea Power Station but you wouldn’t know that there was a river 100m in front of you… You can also get a totally fascinating close-up view of the lovely gargoyles on St Paul’s Cathedral – something every visitor to the city should see.
The best things about the roof are these: 1. You can bring your own food up there so you don’t necessarily need to eat in the ultra chic Madison tapas bar… 2. Not many people know about it, so it’s always really quiet and calm. (The perfect environment for yoga actually. Maybe someone will introduce lunchtime classes? You never know.)


(via flikr.com)



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