The ceramics of Sicily

In all major towns in Sicily, the streets are filled with stalls selling the island’s traditional ceramics. One of the most common types is the symbol of Sicily: the trisceli. This is the (slightly creepy) head of Medusa surrounded by three wheat ears and three legs. The legs are said to represent the three points of the island of Sicily, and this symbol is present on the Sicilian flag. The ceramics are very popular with the many tourists who visit Sicily, and vary dramatically in price.

As well as the trisceli symbol, most stalls also have a variety of suns and moons with smiley faces on them…

Not only are the ceramics sold to tourists, but on every street corner you can find someone selling plastic vegetables hanging on a string – clearly something there’s a weird demand for… And it’s not just the touristic streets that are filled with colour: walking round, it’s striking how vibrant everything is. Even super simple things like street signs and market carts holding fresh vegetables are painted in amazingly bright colours and patterns.




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