The end of the Olympics

So after 8 years of waiting, the London 2012 Olympic Games have come and gone. But it’s still not all over: we still have the Paralympics to come! And lots of countries set up bases all over London where people could go and learn about their country and watch some of the sport- many of these don’t close until the end of the Paralympics. All along both banks of the river Thames there are these ‘International Houses’: at the Swiss one you can climb a high ropes course that is made to look like the Alps and win some chocolate, as well as listen to some live music.


At the Danish camp in St Katherine’s Docks you can sample Danish food and go inside a typical eco-friendly Danish house. There are also loads of competitions you can enter, and Danish people floating around who you can chat to and who can teach you a few words of their language.



And just generally around London, the international atmosphere is still there….







  1. king62198

    Sorry it took me so long to come to your blog. It’s summer here and I’ve been at travel camp. You have a very nice blog! I’ll certainly visit often!

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