recipe- granita siciliana

The traditional Sicilian granita is a cross between a frozen dessert and a drink, kind of like a slushy sorbet. They have an interesting history- granitas originated when people from North Africa came to Sicily bringing sugar. They wanted to mix this with the local fruits on the island- like peaches,lemons, strawberries, melons- to create something refreshing and sweet. Now, you can get granitas all over Italy and you can find pretty much any flavour including almond, chocolate, coffee and even rose. Each Sicilian town prides itself on making their granitas slightly differently from the next- they all have different textures. On the west coast of the island the granita tends to be thicker and more crystallised, whereas on the east coast the granita is smooth, like sorbet. They don’t just have to be drunk/eaten after a meal- many locals even spread granita on their breakfast brioche!

The good news is, you don’t have to go to Sicily to try a granita: they’re super easy to make at home! This recipe is for strawberry granita, but just substitute whatever you want to make a different type…

Strawberry Granita- Serves 4-6

175g sugar

375ml water

450g strawberries

Lemon juice to taste

Boil the water in a small saucepan and stir in the sugar until it dissolves, then leave this to cool

Hull the strawberries and turn them into a puree in a food processor

Stir the puree into the cooled syrup and transfer the mixture into a shallow dish, so that it can spread out

Put the dish into the freezer and take it out every 30 minutes to stir- breaking up the frozen chunks stops it just becoming a block of ice

Do this for about 3 hours, until the granita is the consistency you want it to be. If it’s too frozen, just leave it at room temperature for a while until it starts to melt

Before you serve your granita, leave it out of the freezer long enough for it to melt so that you can stir it and put it into tall glasses

Squeeze some lemon juice on top, and enjoy!



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