the Olympic Torch passes through London

Today, feeling like I should do something to show my interest in the Olympics, I went to watch the torch pass through London. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most- London last hosted the Olympics in 1948! So far I had been reluctant to welcome the Games; hundreds of thousands of tourists flooding the tube stations, unbelievable traffic and main crossings closed… The weather in London over these past few days hasn’t helped either: almost 30 degrees and a city overflowing with people does not make a great combination. Even so, I decided I needed to show some patriotism, so I headed to Rosebery Avenue to join the crowds.

After countless company buses featuring karaoke singers handing out flags, finally the torch passed by, surrounded by police on motorbikes. The atmosphere was incredible- everyone had got up early to come and see the torch and it was nice to see how many people cared.



With the Opening Ceremony tomorrow, everyone here is excited to see what happens with everything having been kept top secret….


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